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White Mulberry Brightening Lotion

White Mulberry Brightening Lotion

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Gently perfect make-up removal

• Great YUKA



200mL bottle


This Brightening Lotion with White Mulberry perfects make-up removal and gently tones the skin. It is enriched with a phyto-depigmenting complex to complete the effectiveness of the lightening treatment programme.


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Expert Botanical Cosmetics | 100% Made in France 


Dr. Renaud is one of those who knew how to extract the best from nature and worked on it with the dual objective of compatibility and effectiveness. Not a raw nature, but a strong, powerful, concentrated nature, reworked sequence after sequence to potentiate its effects.

For 70 years, our laboratory has remained an expert in the transformation of the most effective natural ingredients in order to adapt them to the different needs of the skin. Convinced that the result of treatments also depends on the pleasure of using th