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If you have tired, stressed or lackluster skin, revive all the radiance of your complexion with our Carrot treatments! A good-looking ingredient par excellence, carrots are a natural source of beauty!

  • STEP 1 :Thoroughly cleanse your skin with this micro-peeling cleansing foam that works in just 30 seconds!

  • 2ND STEP :Give your skin a detox treatment once or twice a week! This fresh and creamy scrub erases impurities and refines skin texture thanks to its two types of exfoliating particles (Bamboo powder and Jojoba beads). 

  • STEP 3:Moisturize your skin with Carrot Radiance Boost Day Cream and Carrot Renovating Night Cream. Two creams for smooth and luminous skin!

  • STEP 4:Give your skin the best morning wake-up call with this night mask that replenishes and regenerates by acting during your sleep! 

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If you have dehydrated skin, feelings of tightness and discomfort, give your skin a real bath of hydration with our Raspberry skincare products and their gourmet fragrance!

  • STEP 1 :  Remove your makeup with Cleansing Milk or Micellar Cleansing Water, depending on your preferences!

  • 2ND STEP: For perfect cleansing, use the Raspberry Gentle Cleansing Gel for clean, fresh, supple and comfortable skin!

  • STEP 3:  Once or twice a week, use the Raspberry Softness Mask for a feeling of hydration and comfort!

  • STEP 4:Alcohol-free Raspberry Toning Lotion, with Raspberry and Aloe Vera extracts, perfects make-up removal, softens and moisturizes the skin. A fresh non  sticky water that leaves the skin clean, soft and comfortable.

  • STEP 5:The Fresh Raspberry Serum is an intensive treatment that will comfort the most dehydrated skin with an immediate thirst-quenching effect. Its secret: an organic raspberry extract combined with a high concentration of hyaluronic acids (including one plant – Tamarind extract). In addition, Rizhome  Imperata Cylindrica and Cactus extracts act simultaneously for lasting hydration. 

  • STEP 6: Finish your moisturizing routine with the Fluide Douceur Raspberry (ideal for normal to combination skin) or the Crème Douceur Raspberry!



Lime care products are perfect for an anti-blemish routine and for combination to oily skin!

  • STEP 1 :Cleanse your skin with Lime Cleansing Gel, a fresh, soap-free gel with Organic Lime extract! Its formula, also rich in Grapefruit Seed extract and Fruit Acids, purifies the pores and makes the skin clear!

  • 2ND STEP :  Once or twice a week, use the Lime Purifying Scrub. A scrub with organic Lime extract that combines AHAs with lemon peel for a purifying action. Its active ingredients eliminate imperfections, tighten pores and stimulate cell renewal for a luminous complexion. The skin texture is refined.

  • STEP 3:  Once or twice a week, after exfoliation, use Lime Clarifying Mask. Its two clays, green and white, exert an immediate absorbing and clarifying effect to reveal a clear and luminous complexion.

  • STEP 4: Lime Astringent Toning Lotion is perfect for combination to oily skin with imperfections because it is formulated without alcohol! It perfects make-up removal and tightens pores. 

  • STEP 5: The skin stays clean throughout the day thanks to the Matifying Gel-Cream Lime and its mattifying and astringent agents which neutralize shine and tighten pores!

  • STEP 6: An imperfection? Apply Calamine Lime Drying Lotion locally, morning and evening, to dry it out!



If you have delicate or weakened, reactive and sensitive skin, the care products from the Camomile range are ideal for soothing your skin!

  • STEP 1 :Gently cleanse your skin with Camomile Cleansing Milk or Bi-Phase Eye Makeup Remover!

  • 2ND STEP :  An enzymatic scrub for a new skin effect! Camomile Soft Scrub Jelly is a very gentle scrub with organic Chamomile! Grain-free, its texture melts on contact with the skin to release its exfoliating active ingredients, erase dead cells and thus help revitalize the cell renewal process.

  • STEP 3:  The Chamomile Toning Lotion perfects make-up removal while respecting the fragility of the epidermis!

  • STEP 4:To combat feelings of discomfort, the ultra-fresh 2-in-1 Camomile Calming Concentrate can be used daily as a calming serum or occasionally as an immediate comforting mask.

  • STEP 5: The Gentle Eye Contour Cream Camomile is gentle and fragrance-free, for optimal compatibility with the fragile eye contour area, perfect for sensitive skin!

  • STEP 6: To fight against redness, use the Camomile Calming Light Cream, it calms and protects sensitive skin! And to comfort and nourish the most sensitive skin, Calming Rich Cream, a repairing balm with Chamomile and Lavender Essential Oil!



Awaken your skin's vital energy with Mimosa treatments! 3 Mimosa extracts have been selected to target the first wrinkles, protect the skin, moisturize it and restore its vital energy. 

  • STEP 1 :Once or twice a week, apply the Energizing & Smoothing Mask! This creamy mask helps the skin to fight against external aggressions. It acts on the radiance and vitality of the skin. 

  • 2ND STEP :  The Energizing & Smoothing Serum is a concentrate of protective active ingredients that help the skin fight against external aggressions (pollution, blue light, oxidative stress). An energizing and hydro-regenerating cocktail that restores radiance and vitality to the skin. To be applied before the care cream!

  • STEP 3:  The Anti-fatigue & Smoothing Eye Contour is ideal for helping this fragile area to fight against external aggressions and to target the first wrinkles! Refreshed, the eye contour is smooth and luminous.

  • STEP 4:The Energizing & Smoothing Cream, a velvety cream is your ally against environmental stress! The skin appears smooth, visibly younger and luminous!

  • STEP 5: Refresh & protect your skin at any time of the day with the Mimosa Natural Anti-Pollution Mist!

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Restore the tone, firmness and vitality of your skin while reducing wrinkles with the Iris range! It preserves the elasticity of the face and maintains the radiance of the face!

  • STEP 1 :  For anti-aging action on all skin structures, opt for the Lift & Light Mask once or twice a week! With a comfortable and enveloping texture, it will restore the skin's youthfulness! 

  • 2ND STEP :  Apply the Lift & Light Serum morning and/or evening. Highly concentrated in Organic Oat extract and with a pearly texture, it offers you an immediate tightening and lightening effect!

  • STEP 3:For a smooth and radiant look, bet on the Iris Lift & Light Eye Contour! Highly concentrated in Ivy extract, it offers immediate anti-puffiness action.⠀

  • STEP 4:Finish your routine with the Lift & Light Pore Reducing Gel-Cream or the Lift & Light Firming Cream to hydrate your skin!